Negative Space Rave Ride

My set (and later interlude) from Negative Space Rave Ride!

Recorded live at the rave (April 3 2023). This rave was unique – a secret location, arrived at only by bicycle convoy.

I played a DJ set of my favourite underground minimal sounds, peppered with some of my tunes. The cycle convoy rolled in to the sounds of Fatima Yamaha – warm sub & smiles all round!

I used Traktor Remix Decks to layer up a few samples from work-in-progress (Hysibe, It Was Coming On) – look out for full releases of these tunes soon.

Also featured sets from:

  • Blub (live)
  • Social Sport + Junus Orca (live)
  • Mr Meaty Boy
  • Acid Police
  • Protection Spell
  • Frost

Check out Negative Space site for more raves and sign up to their list to get an invite to the next one!


DJ set
  • Josh Butler – Sinawava
  • Jay Tripwire pres. 8 Channels – Control
  • Haszari – Hysibe [sample]
  • Fatima Yamaha – Sooty Shearwater, King of Migration
  • Haszari – Foundation Slab Redux
  • Al Wootton – JL (Original Mix)
  • Audiojack – Tremors (Original Mix)
  • Haszari – It Was Coming On
  • John Tejada & Justin Maxwell – The Name Rolls In
  • Asadinho – Cha for Che
  • Skudge – Grain (Original Mix)
  • Len Faki – Street Dub (version)
  • Nirvana – On a Plain (Haszari ahh tool)
  • Cameo Blush – template [uu005]
  • Almaty – Gennaro (Endian remix)
  • Haszari – Mivova [sample]
  • SoNic Smith – RE_ Memory (Haszari txt reply)
  • Overmono – BMW Track
  • Interplanetary Criminal – Darkside
  • Haszari – Like So (original mix)
  • Council Work – Dread (Seb Zito Remix)
  • Etapp Kyle – Drama
  • Club Winston – Blurt
  • Alfred Heinrichs – Behind the Fear
  • Haszari – It Was Coming On [So Soon sample]
  • Jeroen Search – Da Capo
  • Alix Perez – Melodrama (Sam Binga Under Water Garage mix)
  • Bicep – Just
  • Bwi-Bwi – Insight
  • Fanau Spa – Leather and Wood
  • French Fries – Yo Vogue (Leroy Peppers remix)
  • LCY – shhh
  • Haszari – Flying Sauces (NI Stems)
  • Nikki Nair, DJ ADHD – Startrack
  • Soft Tigers – Mr Ice Cream (Waxmaster rework)

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Thanks to Fraser from Dunedin Sound for documenting the event. Check out Dunedin Sound for more photos & sounds:

For more info about Negative Space:







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