Building a Dining Booth

A little while ago we had some work done on our house to make it better. We swapped the windowless, dank bathroom out to the large sun-filled laundry (with a vaulted/angled ceiling), extended the hallway to the back of the house, and added a toothbrush nook. Next to our kitchen there was a nice chunk…… Continue reading Building a Dining Booth

Lisbon Tiles

Last year I went to Portugal for a meetup. What a fantastic place to visit – very walkable, lots of visual interest. The paste-up cartoon street art people above are by Kamlaurene. I love their anonymous, ambivalent eyes 😶

Vogel Street Party

In 2014 the first Vogel Street Party happened in the warehouse precinct in Dunedin. The reason for the party was to celebrate the local community making things happen & the general rejuvenation of the area. It was incredible!  From 3pm to 10pm on Saturday the 18th of Oct 2014: the street was closed to trafficstreet…… Continue reading Vogel Street Party