Manhole Covers

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If you read this blog you might already know I like taking photos of tiles. This post is about another photographic hobby of mine – manhole covers.

Here’s one from Amsterdam which (to my eyes) evokes a computer keyboard. I did a quick google to find out what Purator is – and found a website devoted to manhole covers!


So far, the Czech Republic is winning – two manhole covers of note. I think this one is from the quad inside Prague Castle.


This one’s just a regular manhole from a random street in Prague, but it’s a damn cool design, especially against the backdrop of the concentric intersected rings of the pavement.


Actually it looks like the USA (or LA to be precise) is a close second, though the manhole covers aren’t nearly as interesting. This one’s a pretty great nod to futuristic 80s vector art.

That one looks more square than the others. I heard that “Why are manhole covers round?” is an interview question at Microsoft. I feel like this is the one question I wouldn’t have a problem with.

ShedbugThere’s Hope for You Yet

This one here is not really noteworthy, except for the clear pride that LA has that this manhole cover was made in India.

Wyatt MarshallThis & That

Nothing to say about this one from Canada, except that the sun was nice and low when I took the photo.

ShedbugThere’s Hope for You Yet