Foundation Slab (In By Christmas)

A couple of months ago, on the drive back from Kaka Point, a cyclic melody came into my head. This happens sometimes, when my mind is free-wheeling, in the groove of driving.

Although I claim to be a dedicated hobby musician, the amount of “music” (melodic material) that I “write” is pretty small these days. So I seized on this opportunity – i.e. asked Jill to record me singing the tune (with my phone.

We were driving back from one of our infrequent trips to check progress on our build. The progress this time involved one of the most wonderful materials in this world – cast concrete. We had a foundation!

click play to hear me mumbling the germ of a tune against a foundation of road noise

I’ve always loved dub and I’m starting to get a better feel for producing it (see also Redline Train).

As soon as we arrived home, I hid in my office and kept dragging notes & twiddling knobs in Bitwig until I had the bones (foundation!) of a new reggae tune.

Cut to mid-december and a call on a Dunedin Music groupwho wants to contribute some original, non-vocal, somewhat electronic music for a christmas compilation?

I do!

I hastily tracked down a free sleigh bells sample and wrapped the tune, just in time for christmas.

excellent cover design by Alex Gilks

Listen to it, get it, buy it!

And now you can own all these tunes, thanks to the crew behind the New Dunedin Music Compilation.

Go stream or grab the full album from Bandcamp right now. There’s a wide range of sounds here, some grinding abstract sonics, some chill trip hop, and everything in between.

A bargain at any price! (free/pay what you want)

Boxing day special!