Darryl Baser “Second Selfie” launch party

I played a little gig on the weekend – had a great time. The show was the release party for Dunedin songwriter and local media personality Darryl Baser‘s Second Selfie album.

An assortment of local songwriters played. A particular favourite for me was the Dragonfly Rustlers. Tight folk-blues harmonies, and a unique ability to trade solo/rhythm guitar duties back & forth so quickly it made my head spin. They made it look and sound effortless, almost as though it was one person playing two guitars.

And of course I played a little Haszari set too 🙂

Playing this gig was really inspiring. Everyone played and sang amazingly, the drum kit had a suitcase for a kick drum, and the tiny room was rammed with a roudy bunch – there was the odd good-natured heckle.

Collaborating with Darryl on Blank Canvas Insomnia was an invigorating experience. A year or so ago he sent me 3 stem tracks for the song: vocals, guitar, and a percussion track. I built a slightly unhinged electronic track around these parts, which is on the full CD/download version of the album.

For the show we played it live – Darryl on vocals and guitar, me on beats, bleeps, and dub delay. I need to find more people to jam with like this! Or start honing my own lyrics and vocals.