Darryl Baser “Second Selfie” launch party

I played a little gig on the weekend – had a great time. The show was the release party for Dunedin songwriter and local media personality Darryl Baser‘s Second Selfie album. An assortment of local songwriters played. A particular favourite for me was the Dragonfly Rustlers. Tight folk-blues harmonies, and a unique ability to tradeContinue reading “Darryl Baser “Second Selfie” launch party”

How to sync the Web Audio API with Web MIDI

The Web Audio API is an incredibly fun audio playground, widely supported in most browsers. You can quite easily do things like build synthesisers and sound effects, or slice up audio samples – in JavaScript code, in your web browser. There’s also a companion API for sending and receiving MIDI events. This allows you toContinue reading “How to sync the Web Audio API with Web MIDI”

Memorable Moments from 2019 Automattic Grand Meetup

I’ve finally recovered from the Automattic Grand Meetup – took me a while this year, spent a few days in nomad-working in Cocoa Beach, and found myself sick for quite a few days. One reason it took so long to recover was because the meetup was totally amazing! The keynote speakers this year were consistentlyContinue reading “Memorable Moments from 2019 Automattic Grand Meetup”

WordCamp Brisbane talk – Cool Stuff Inside Gutenberg

I spoke at WordCamp Brisbane last weekend – my first WordCamp! I chose Brisbane as it seems like the strongest community in my part of the world. It didn’t disappoint – the 2019 event broke records as the biggest #WCBNE ever! For my talk topic, I wanted to shine a light on all the workContinue reading “WordCamp Brisbane talk – Cool Stuff Inside Gutenberg”