Beats Reality NZ music special!



This week’s Beats Reality is a curated celebration of a small selection of the amazing abstract electronic beats produced right here in New Zealand.

There’s so much incredible music out there. This show is twice as long as usual, and I only barely scratched the surface!

  1. Jet Jaguar4 Manda I
  2. SharkweekUnearthly Creatures
  3. NilaMomentum
  4. Bomb DylanJust Listening
  5. Paige JuliaTessellate
  6. Sonic Space LabComing Out On The Other Side
  7. son.sineThree Linear Decay
  8. Laughin’ GasShikasta
  9. Duo AliasGet Back To The Facts
  10. Jay Knight3am On Karangahape (ii) (feat. ZER. & Cix50)
  11. LXTricitySay
  12. nsuAntimatter (Event Horizon mix)
  13. Go NuclearMachine Learning
  14. Social SportIn Vitro (Shli remix)
  15. Silk CutWish You Were Lovely
  16. Keanu Raves + HarvoNever Get Tired
  17. EbbAlloy
  18. Kadyn WebsterDub Ascend
  20. KeepsakesNo Acceptance Uptown
  21. Eden BurnsDance When The
  22. IKEStone Diviner
  23. SyzygyResidential Blowfly
  24. Nice GirlIpsum
  25. Alice AgnesDirty
  26. SkymningNo Days Off
  28. KrausSugar Ice
  29. DLTThe Return of the Lion King (feat. The Mighty Asterix)
  30. EMWARegular
  31. DJ Simon DallowDØU 3ME2

Beats Reality is a celebration of abstract electronic beats. 

Haszari throws down a mix each week, centered on timeless techno and house – and weaving in sounds from the periphery of ambient, electro, breakbeat, and minimal.

Listen live on Radio 1 91 FM Dunedin – Wednesdays, 11pm NZT(UTC+12), on air or live stream

Or listen any time on Mixcloud. Show is available in 2 formats: