Beats Reality minimal deep lofi house mix 20220615



  1. Juno MambaSlow Malady
  2. Mr. Ho + MogwaaBail-E
  3. Azu Tiwaline + Al WoottonBlue Dub
  4. BonfanteAldeapolis
  5. AFFKTHoydelight
  6. lefthandsoundsystemFoug
  7. Nu HorizonzNu Moon
  8. M4A4Starbeam (Interplanetary Criminal remix)
  9. Elisa BeeReality Check
  10. James iDWhat I Should Have Said
  11. jamesjamesjamesJ’adore
  12. Ross from FriendsHigh Energy
  13. PalemanSlither

Beats Reality is a celebration of abstract electronic beats. 

Haszari throws down a mix each week, centered on timeless techno and house – and weaving in sounds from the periphery of ambient, electro, breakbeat, and minimal.

Listen live on Radio 1 91 FM Dunedin – Wednesdays, 11pm NZT(UTC+12), on air or live stream

Or listen any time on Mixcloud. Show is available in 2 formats: