Beats Reality 20231108

Negative Space is on this Friday at XYZ! I’ll see you there ๐Ÿ‘‹ Scroll down to listen & get tracklist ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป



  • Bryce Dessner + James McAlister + Nico Muhly + Sufjan Stevens โ€“ Black Energy
  • Pola โ€“ Hopes for Jokes – Arkajo remix
  • Phairo โ€“ Drum Workout!
  • Haszariย โ€“ย Shed Out Redux
  • Siles + Aboga โ€“ Second Assault
  • DJ JM โ€“ Abnormal
  • ROSS ISAAC + Angry Suzy โ€“ Lookin At Me – Angry Suzy remix
  • Marco Strous + Gabe โ€“ Snogo
  • Pangaea โ€“ Changing Channels
  • Ackermann โ€“ Break Necks Beat
  • Zombie Nation โ€“ Chickflick
  • Sharkweek + Haszari โ€“ Sumiyoshi – Haszari Nara to Takanohara remix
  • Bailey Ibbs โ€“ We Run
  • Hudson Mohawke + Nikki Nair + Tayla Parx โ€“ Set The Roof
  • Toronja โ€“ Pace Raider

Beats Reality is a celebration of abstract electronic beats. 

Haszari throws down a mix each week, centered on timeless techno and house โ€“ and weaving in sounds from the periphery of ambient, electro, breakbeat, and minimal.

Listen live on Radio 1 91 FM Dunedin โ€“ Wednesdays, 11pm NZT(UTC+12), on air or live stream

Or listen any time on SoundCloud.