Beats Reality 20231004

Coming to you from an underground bunker this week โ€“ huge, dark, expansive techno and breakbeat. Scroll down for tracklist ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป



  1. Fresnel Lens โ€“ The Gift
  2. lefthandsoundsystem โ€“ Fmoota
  3. Rrose โ€“ Dissolve
  4. Ackermann โ€“ Jetta GT
  5. Martin Books โ€“ Physics
  6. TIBASKO โ€“ Isolate
  7. Octo Octa โ€“ Late Night Love
  8. James Ruskin + DVS1 โ€“ Page 4
  9. Pig & Dan โ€“ Brainfarx
  10. Priori + Al Wootton โ€“ The Bell With The Wooden Tongue
  11. Dissolver โ€“ Sibomb Says
  12. Steffi โ€“ JBW25
  13. Barker โ€“ Look How Hard I’ve Tried
  14. Off The Meds โ€“ Karlaplan Remix

Beats Reality is a celebration of abstract electronic beats. 

Haszari throws down a mix each week, centered on timeless techno and house โ€“ and weaving in sounds from the periphery of ambient, electro, breakbeat, and minimal.

Listen live on Radio 1 91 FM Dunedin โ€“ Wednesdays, 11pm NZT(UTC+12), on air or live stream

Or listen any time on SoundCloud.