Beats Reality 20220608 – deep house mixed live at Carousel Bar


This show is a live warmup mix, recorded at Carousel Bar a couple of weeks ago. Warmup is one of my favourite kinds of DJ set – starting with calm empty room and building vibes as folks arrive, get a groove on & order cocktails to start their night.


  1. Jesus SoblecheroA Coffee
  2. Samu LThe Traveller (Seb Zito & Enzo Siragusa remix)
  3. Julie McKnightHome (Copyright D15 Remix)
  4. RobosonicWorst Love
  5. Mambo BrothersEso Es
  6. Kevin YostNo Pics
  7. HuxleyI Want You
  8. Peggy GouI Go
  9. Bwi-BwiInsight
  10. Alex Ranerro & Matt McLarrieJazzercise
  11. Lee Foss & EDDY M.Social Distancing

Beats Reality is a celebration of abstract electronic beats. 

Haszari throws down a mix each week, centered on timeless techno and house – and weaving in sounds from the periphery of ambient, electro, breakbeat, and minimal.

Listen live on Radio 1 91 FM Dunedin – Wednesdays, 11pm NZT(UTC+12), on air or live stream

Or listen any time on Mixcloud. Show is available in 2 formats:





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